Teeth Whitening Kits - Choosing the Right Kit For You!

With mounting pressure to stay looking younger for longer, an increasing number of men and women are turning to cosmetic treatments. Some of the most popular and safest of those currently on offer are home teeth whitening kits, which are designed to give you a Hollywood smile from the comfort of your own home. There are numerous teeth whitening kits currently available, and choosing the right one to meet your needs can be a tricky decision. Depending on whether you have sensitive teeth, and depending on the level of whiteness you're looking for, there are a number of options open to you.

How do home teeth whitening products work?

Tooth whitening kits clean differently to conventional toothpastes. Whilst toothpaste works to remove surface stains, a teeth whitening kit safely penetrates the tooth's surface enamel to clean away any discolouration. The active ingredient - carbamide peroxide - seeps harmlessly through the natural pores in the enamel to remove signs of coffee, tea, red wine and other foods and drinks commonly known to cause yellowing or staining of the teeth. By working with the structure of your teeth, these kits can safely remove stains which toothpaste would never be able to get rid of, no matter how many times you clean your teeth.

How to choose the right teeth whitening products for you

Different people have different ideas of what makes the perfect smile. Whether you're looking to just freshen up your image, or to bring your teeth back to their original brilliant white, home tooth whitening kits could be the way to achieve this. By applying the carbamide peroxide gel for brief periods over the course of a few weeks, you can choose the exact shade of white you want your teeth to be. Whether you're happy after a single treatment or are looking for a more noticeable effect, you remain in complete control.

If you have sensitive teeth, you may find that extended use of the carbamide peroxide gel causes some slight discomfort. This, however, can be countered by using a blue light unit. This affordable accessory activates ingredients within the gel to speed up treatment time, helping you to avoid long exposure to the gel.

Are there any other advantages to these products?

This is not only a far more cost effective way to achieve a Hollywood smile, but it is also a great deal more convenient. Rather than wait for costly dentist's appointments, home teeth whitening kits leave you free to decide where and when to undergo treatment. Whether you decide to use your kit in the bath, in the car on the way to work, or whilst reading the morning newspaper, you will receive the same fantastic results as you would have in a dental surgery.

These kits can be stored for a long time too, allowing you to restart treatment should your teeth become stained again. This means that you can go on enjoying red wine, coffee and tea, safe in the knowledge that your trusty teeth whitening kit is ready and waiting in the fridge should these every day drinks start to leave their mark.

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